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September 2015 Art Contestant List

September 2015 Art Competition and Exhibition Contestant List

Theme:  Cityscapes

Kathleen McSherry
Robert Weiss
Alla Fox
Fran Saunders
Ana Vatres
Bob Craig
Shelley Brucar
Andrew Verhoeckx
Deborah Rhodes
Andrey Velichkovskii
Tricia Hoye
Michelle Bauer
Yossi Sigura
Melissa Mendelson
Luke Engle
Tisha Clinkenbeard
Lisa Hill
Shannon Celia
Anthony Dallman-Jones
Jay Friedenberg
Sandy Maranesi
Shabnam Javadi Mottaghi
Clinton Helms
Emile Heurtevent
Eileen Alter
Gail Morrison-Hall
Steve Zolin
Wayne Winn
Bud Porter
Amy Schlossberg
Helen Kagan


The Staff and Judges were amazed by the work presented this month.  The images were powerful and evoked strong feelings.  The judges had a difficult time with their choices, this month.  They enjoyed the show, but did not like having to make final decisions.  This month we can honestly say... Everyone is a winner here!

Enjoy the exhibit. Tell your friends. And of course, purchase some art today!