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September 2014 Art Competition Participant List

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September Participant List

Sandy Applesgate
Nancy Belle
Audrey Caywood
Coco Costello
Jonathan DeDecker
Roberta Dixon
Joan Dyer
Kay Englehart
Donna Fenner
Candice German
Kylie Gonzales
Michael Griesgraber
John Hafey
Janine Heffernan
Anthony Iacuzzi
Peter Jalesh
Sarah Jennings
Gayane Karapetyan
Aytül Kayhan
Fay Kelley
Lola Lonli
Sandi Neiman Lovitz
Minal Mahajan
Diego Durand Neuhaus
Richard G. Nolan
Amy Oestreicher
Gary Olive
Thomas Olsson
Jim Pierce
Samantha Primo
Stan Ragets
Arthur Right
Naomi Rosen
Mona L. Safai
Stefan Schaffeld
Toni Silber-Delerive
Catherine Spencer
Maria Talbot
Tom Trubshaw
Katherine "KAT" Warren
Karen Wenck
Ralph White
Tina Ybarra

This is an excellent show. Definitely not to be missed!  Take your time to view the show.  And be sure to tell your friends.  

This show would not be possible if it were not for the magnificent artists listed above.  

We encourage everyone to view the show and purchase some art today!