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October 2015 Art Contestant List

October 2015 Art Competition and Exhibition Contestant List

Theme:  Colors

Helen E. Becker
Jacqueline Doyle Allison
Zachary Garrett
Hemu Aggarwal
Carol Bertolotti
Amir Lavon
James Pierce
Bob Craig
Liesl Nel
Edelweiss S. M. Calcagno
Abraham Danso
Naima White
Janet Allington
Daisy Dodge
Ryota Matsumoto
Sweet Samson
Jay Pendexter
Betty Rhodes
David Acevedo
Michelle Bauer
Mara Zaslove
Raymond Perez
Michael Lewandowski
Duong Bach
Shana Bowes
Elina Grosul
Judy Hannon
Mrialynda Valdez
Nikita Ares
Joanna Gawkowska
Alison Squiers
Deane V Bowers
Luke Engle
Trisha Trixie Hunter Merrill
Alla Fox
Janice Wetzel
Carol Reid
Ann Flemings
Emma Backer
Tanya Marie Reeves
Alex Kupczyk
Edwardo Setien
Su Knoll Horty
Laura Yager
Rebecca Woodhouse
Joan Miller
Rosemari Golledge
Erin Algiere Segarra
Marvin King
Paula Sherry
Tricia Hoye
Ralph White
Herbert Chow
Jennifer Hannigan-Green
Thomas Kawall
G J Gillespie



The Staff and Judges enjoyed this month's exhibition.  The Judges had some difficulty determining placement of winners. The most prevalent comment this month from viewers and judges was... "This exhibition made me smile."  This is a powerful statement.  And it is all because of you.  

Thank you for participating and enjoy the exhibition.

Tell your friends. And of course, purchase some art today!