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October 2014 Art Competition Participant List

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October Participant List

Rene Alvardo
Bajit Chadha
Emily Bennett
Margot Berghaus
Rosemarie Bloch
Marie Blum
Alexandra Bourassa
Elizabeth Burin
Subha Chaudhuri
Giorgio Cole
Sandrine “Sanya” Colson-Inam
Noelle Connell
Edwin Cuenco
Martin De Alteriis
Halina Domanski
Marsha Doran
Luke Engle
Carl Gethmann
Livia Gus
Johnathan Herzberg
Shineta Horton
Donna Howard
Gayane Karapetyan
Elaine Farley Kinnaird
Carol Kiser
Sandra Langlie
Jeremy Locklear
Kazue Maeda
Jessica Manelis
Lionel Martinez
Diane Morgan
Jean Nerenberg
Alex L. Porter
Anna Roberts
Julie Robitaille
Stefan Schaffeld
Toni Silber-Delerive
Linda Sutton
James Tormey
Burton Tysinger
Ralph White

We asked for Colors… And we received COLORS!  This is a brilliant show.  Definitely not to be missed!  Take your time to view the show.  And be sure to tell your friends. 

 This show would not be possible if it were not for the magnificent artists listed above. 

 We encourage everyone to view the show and purchase some art today!