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November 2015 Art Contestant List

November 2015 Art Competition and Exhibition Contestant List

Theme:  Weather

Eleanor Gilpatrick
Jessica Timberlake
Valerie Leri
Robert Schwartzman
Melissa R. Mendelson
Bojana Randall
Nicolaus Myers
Jeanvevet Senatus
Brut Carniollus
Bill Anderson
Tricia Eisen
Jesse Jackson Brown
Barbara Xiong
Elaine Hunter
Edelweiss Calcagno
Kathleen McSherry
Luke Engle
Joan Miller
Asako Iwasawa
Tricia Hoye
Christie M. Nicklay
Pablo Pena
Elina Grosul
Chip Miller
Alison Squiers
Tatiana Valery
Nonna Pidvalna
Ralph White
Pat Neufeld
Lori Goldberg


Thank you to the fine Artists who participated in this month's competition.  

The judges enjoyed the interruption of "Weather".

Again thank you for participating and enjoy the exhibition.

Tell your friends. And of course, purchase some art today!