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May 2014 Art Competition Winners

May 2014 Botanical Beauty Theme

Competition Winners

Thank you to all the participants of the May 2014 "Botanical Beauty" Art Exhibition and Competition. Your creativity and vision made this one of our most exciting Exhibitions to date. Below are this years winners for the "Botanical" Theme Competition.

Congratulations to the Winners! 



First Place Winner

Kim Ward for "A Rose By Any Other Name"


Second Place Winner

Cheryl Church for "Channeling Carmen Miranda" 


Third Place Winner - It's a Tie

"Water Lily 1" 
Carol Gooberman


Jonny Popovich for "Candelabra" 


Fourth Place Winner

Susan Kennicott for "Large Petal Party Too"



Kevin iris for "Indignant

Sweety Pandiarajan for "Glimpse of Nature"

Heather Gwinn for "Flowers"

Gusta Van Dobbenburgh for "Lantana My Favorite"



First Place Winner

Jim Shirey for "Toadshade Trillium"


Second Place Winner

Katherine Morgan for "New Beginnings I"


Third Place Winner

Jim Pavelle for "Gypsy Skirt" 


Fourth Place Winner

Noriko Shiroma for "Red Tulips Field in Spring"


Honorable Mentions

Michael Przekop for "Water Lily 106"


Patricia Schnepf for "Delightful"

Brut Carniollus for "Yellow Tulips with Ploka Dots"