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March 2014 Art Competition

"Along the Crooked River" by Kathleen Hall

"Along the Crooked River" by Kathleen Hall

March 2014: ALL Paintings Theme

"I dream my painting and I paint my dream" ~Vincent Van Gogh

If all the paintings of the world were put into one exhibition, the styles, subject matter, and colors would all be different. A viewer would be able to walk down a hallway and see photorealistic images right across from Cubist work. Paintings would contain imagery of people, untraveled lands, stories, and dreams. CAGO’s open contest is a chance for painters to develop any concept and create a work that relates to them as an artist.

Our Second Annual Art Competition and Exhibition Theme for March is “All Paintings”. A call to artists is announced for the artist’s interpretation of the All Paintings theme. All form, subject, topic is included in this competition as long as it has some form of paint on it.

All 2D and 3D amateur and professional artists are invited to create their best Art and Enter.


  • Must be original work to the artist.
  • 2D (Printmaking, painting, mixed media, photography, etc.) and 3D (ceramics, sculpture, etc.) pieces only.
  • The artist must be willing to sell their work (print or original piece).

3/1/14: Contests start date
3/31/14: Contest deadline
4/17/14: Winner Notification Date / Announcements will be made on the Gallery Website

Entry Fees:

  • $20 for 1 to 3 images
  • $5 for each additional image (after 3)
  • The PayPal account name will appear on your credit card statement as CAGOnline

Submitting Images:

  • All images should be 300 DPI and should not exceed 1000 pixels on the longest size.
  • Files should be titled in the following format: name, title, medium. EX: JohnBrown_Midnight_Photography.
  • After you have turned in your application and paid the competition fee, you will receive a confirmation, by email.


Prizes include Lifetime Memberships to Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Radio Interviews, Inclusion in the Year End Anthology Publication, Extensive Marketing and much more. Our Radio Shows have had more than 100,000 listens and the Gallery receives over 125,000 unique visitors a year with over 1.86 Million hits in a year. This is exposure you cannot garner on your own! And finally your entry remains on the Gallery forever.

Click Here to Submit Your Work. We Look Forward to Viewing Your Creations.
Good Luck,
CAGO Art Competition Committee