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Judging Information

Judging Information

Who are the Judges?
Currently the judges are:

Michael Harris
Sharon Drinkard
Anisa Harris
Dorothy Ashe
Portia T. Webb
Kelsey Hails

What do the Judges look for?

The judges look at many things, but the most important qualities to be a winning piece are:

1. Originality
2. Creativity
3. The art piece matches the theme of the competition
4. All the information requested is given
5. Art that is appealing. It catches the eye and pulls you in.
6. Strong composition

Unfortuanately everyone can not be a winner of a prize. 
But that does not mean that you are not a gifted, talented artist. Judging is subjected. 
A different set of judges will most likely result in a different set of winners. 
So don't be discouraged! 
Enter the competitions that fit your style, theme, and/or medium.

Try Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s next Art Competition. Choose the month and theme that most interest you. 
Or try them all! 
There is no limit to how many Competitions you can enter. 

Click HERE for the Competition Rules or read the individual competition prospectus.