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January 2017 Participant List

January 2017 "ALL PAINTINGS" Art Participant List

Von Coop

Anthony Young

Swapna Balapure

Sari Fishman

Jimmie Shealey

Stephanie Langlois

Caroline Chapel

Searra Vinnett

Thi Mai Nguyen

W. Max Thomason

Federico Cittaro

Tom Pettis

Xuanyi Wang

Dario Zanesco

Zsuzsanna Rossetter

Alex Tipton

Ivan Filipchyk

Michelle Vezina Peterlin

Lana Fultz

Kay K Worz

Tanya Hansen

Sylvie Bucher

Chris Boyd

Nichole Delafield

Jane Baldridge

Luiza Nurieva

Minh Vu

Darlene Kaplan

Tara Kelly

Brad Carroll

Jensen Chan

Lynn Chen

Luz Celeste Figueroa

Marwa Charmand

Nika Grig

Tricia Hoye

Tara Monty

Maria Maddalena Sposito

Andy Etheridge

Michelle Leavitt-Djonlic

Tanya Marie Reeves

Ralph White

Jesse Bibbs

Matthew Davey

Patrick Bechtel

Tessa Taylor

Jesse Bron

Shweta Nath


Contemporary Art Gallery Online wishes to thank the exhibitors listed above.  The Judges were amazed by the work presented this month.  The Judges were so overwhelmed with the beauty and diversity of the selections they requested additional time for contemplation and review.  They enjoyed the show but did not like having to make final decisions. On the final day, there were heated discussions as to who would win and why!  The Judges, after hours of deliberation, eventually agreed to the winner list.  

This month we can honestly say… Everyone is a winner!

Congratulations to Everyone.

Enjoy the exhibit.  Tell your friends.  And of course, purchase a piece of art today!