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February 2015 Winners

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February 2015 "ALL WOMEN" Competition Winners


THE BEST IN SHOW Goes to....

DURGA GARCIA for "Man with His Peacock"


Size:  20"  x  30"    

Price:  $1400

- AND -


MAYA for "Queen Bee"

Oil on Canvas

Size:  40"  x  50"

Price:  $3000



First Place

Patricia Schnepf for "Texture of Seattle's Autumn"

Second Place

Shari Emme for "Melted Sunset"

Third Place

Jonica Tramposch for "Alps"

Fourth Place

Elaine Hunter for "Rocky Mountain in Moonlight"

Fifth Place  

Tisha Clinkenbeard for "Bird, Beach, and Clouds"




Madeline Fowler for " Day in Cotswold"


Second Place

Kathyrn Miles for "The Magician"


Third Place

Marnie Bourque for "Happy Place"

Fourth Place

Shannon Celia for "Today's Catch"

Fifth Place

Mirjana Simunovacki for "Beauty of Nature is Eternal"

Honorable Recognitions

Alla Roschina for "Touch"

Kathy Linden for "Musings on a Summer's Eve"

Emily Reed for "Above All"

Julie Ross for "Mysterious Harmony"