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August 2016 Participant List

August 2016 "Cityscapes" Art Participant List

John Jaster        
Preston M. Smith        
Victor Ovsyannikov        
Andrey Velichkovski        
Denise Brown        
Natalie Reilly        
Ann Calandro        
Suzanne Sanderson        
Jay Spilker        
Katharine Morrill        
Thomas Grace        
Bob Craig        
Charlotte Hastings        
Fran Saunders        
Nancy Ridenour        
Sharmila Narwani        
Joanna Gawkowska        
Eleanor Gilpatrick        
Lisa Daniels        
Holly Harrah        
Tonya Moore        
Irwin Nesoff        
Chip Miller        
Donna Spencer        
Marcia Berg Haskell        
Ian Kelley        
Terri Kelleher        
James McAlice        
Daniel Williams        
Rita Noe        
Ronald Morse Jr.        
David Ter-Avanesyan        
Sudipta Chatterjee        
Sin Park        
Mila Sketch        
Katie Metz        
Nilanjan Chakravarty        
Amber McNeel        
Charles Anish        
Kaitlynn Hichcock        
Larisa Nikonova        
Nancy Miller        
Maria Bertolone        

Contemporary Art Gallery Online wishes to thank the exhibitors listed above.  

The "Cityscapes" Art Exhibition is a beautiful show.  There were so many pieces that deserved to be included on the winners list.  As far as we are concerned, all of the participants are winners. 

Congratulations to Everyone.

Enjoy the exhibit.  Tell your friends.  And of course, purchase a piece of art today!