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April 2014 Art Competition Winners

April 2014 Figurative / Portrait Theme

Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated.This was an amazing show filled with a wide variety of style and format. The judges had difficulty with their decisions, which is great!

Congratulations to the Winners! 



First Place Winner

Kay Englehart for "Daddy's Jacket"

12" x 18"
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Second Place Winner

 Ashley Williams for "Sahara"

24" x 36"
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Third Place Winner

Rudy Martin for "Bishop Reginald T. Jackson" 

Original is Oil
36" x 24"
$200 for Prints Only
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First Place Winner

Durga Garcia for "The Chicken Trainer" 

10" x 10"

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Second Place Winner

Nika Otsby for "Redemption"

11" x 14"
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Third Place Winner

Drew Hoffman for "Stretch" 


Honorable Mentions

"When She Was Good" By Roger Leege 
10" x 12"


":Dancer 3" By Frank Ishman 
20" x 20"


"Hand" By Michael Stingle 
Stone Carving
12" x 12" x 9"


"Ma" By Len Upin