2017 "ALL Landscapes" Participant List

2017 "ALL Landscapes" Art Participant List

Rhonda Zoch

Mohsen Modiri

Colleen Stevens

Jesse Payne

Susannah Barnes

Lana Fultz

Mei He

Margaret Rainey

Lesa Nivens

Courtney Lievens

Seshadri Sreenivasan

Gayane Karapetyan

Ygendra Modak

Marjan Elkaei

Hannah Yarbrough

Tamera Bedford

Thomas Parker

Marcia Berg Haskell

Johan van der Spuy

Colleen Giorgi

Nira Chorev

Carole Boyd

Amin Rostamizadeh

Ginny Baughman

Monique Sullivan

Tricia Hoye

Hayley Haddad

Maria Maddalena Sposito

Rose Berg

Terence Kneale

Jeremiah Gilbert

Allison McPhail

Ralph Garafola

Giota Vorgia

Monique Cudbertson

Jay Levey

Teresa Johnson

John Kobelansky Jr.

Erin Dance

Carl Gethmann

Jane Silver

Wayne Chunat

Linda Austin

Kimberly Pittman

Paula McMinn

David Edward Harmon

Kseniya Ostrovska

Catherine Clifford

Paul Licman

Shannon Celia

Contemporary Art Gallery Online wishes to thank the exhibitors listed above.  The Judges were amazed by the work presented this month.  The Judges were overwhelmed with the beauty and diversity of the selections.    The Judges appreciated the stories these art pieces told.  The heartache, the joy, the fantasy of it all resonated and left an indelible mark on our Judges.  They truly appreciated this collection of art.

Congratulations to Everyone.

Enjoy the exhibit.  Tell your friends.  And of course, purchase a piece of art today!