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2017 "ALL Cityscapes" Participant List

2017 "ALL Cityscapes" Art Participant List

Anastasia Rudenco

Mike Nagatani

Natalie Reilly

Barbara Pickering

Edd Tokarz Harnas

Marcia Berg Haskell

Christian Gabriel

Jackson Lee

Craig Waters

Elliot Appel

Ilya Trofimenko

Michael Manente

Michael Fleischhacker

Valeriya Lakrisenko

Stephen Mimms

Eduardo Loyola Garcia

Ilonka Muensterer-Maar

Karen Zima-Maciejczyk

Nancy Pallowick

Eva-Maria Roi

Shauna Britt

Federico Odello

Milton Gonzalez-Amado

Freja Mickos

Steve Ember

Micah J Krock

Judy Quitoriano

Jesse jackson Brown

Robert Weiss

Tom Parker

Colleen Sgroi

Julie L'Heureux

Sheri Emerson

Kerry Rawlinson

Janice Wetzel

Hayley Haddad

Contemporary Art Gallery Online wishes to thank the exhibitors listed above.  The Judges were amazed by the work presented this month.  The Judges were overwhelmed with the beauty and diversity of the selections.    The Judges appreciated the stories these art pieces told.  The heartache, the joy, the fantasy of it all resonated and left an indelible mark on our Judges.  They truly appreciated this collection of art.

Congratulations to Everyone.

Enjoy the exhibit.  Tell your friends.  And of course, purchase a piece of art today!